From a Drop Fade to a Gentleman’s Cut: 4 Reasons Why Every Man Needs a Dedicated Barber


“You wear your haircut 24/7…It’s the most important part of your outfit,” says notable London barber Brent Pankurst. Men, I know it’s scary but it’s time for you to commit. It’s time to experience the goodness of having a dedicated caretaker of your hair. The days of popping into a any ole random Sport Clips or Supercuts because you have a coupon is over. Your girlfriend and friends are tired of lying to your face to make you feel better about the AWFUL haircut you just got. Here are four reasons why you need to find a barber you love and stick with them forever. Continue reading

Sip and Savor the Flavors of DFW Restaurant Week

Second to only the State Fair of Texas, my FAVORITE Dallas event is here–DFW Restaurant Week! This three-week event gives Dallas-Fort Worth residents the opportunity to wine and dine at upwards of 130 participating restaurants throughout the region. How typically any of the participating establishments charge roughly $30 to $50 a plate, during restaurant week you can treat yourself to a fabulous prefixed three-course dinner and/or lunch at the outstanding price of either $35 or $45 total. Continue reading

5 Ways to Travel Often When You’re Ballin’ On a Budget in Your 20s

You’re a 20-something living with mom and dad or a roommate. Sallie Mae is knocking on your door every month asking for her student loan money back. All of your extra cash goes to brunch (especially if you live in Dallas) or weekend day-drinking on a patio (again, especially if you live in Dallas). So when the itch to vacay starts biting, you immediately tell yourself there’s no way you can take a trip on your own dime, right? Well, coming from someone who vacations almost as often as he takes showers (wait, what?), gather around while I tell you five ways I do it on a budget.


Continue reading

Let’s Break Bread! 7 “Avant Garde” Ways to Celebrate National Sandwich Month


Yep, you heard it right! We’re already five days into National Sandwich Month! What started as a way for the Earl of Sandwich to eat and keep at least one hand free while playing in an intense poker game, the sandwich has evolved into many creative variations since its 1762 inception. From a patty melt to a New Orleans-style po’boy, from a rueben to a BLT, whatever you mash between two slices of some sort of bread-life matter, becomes a sandwich. Check out these seven out-of-the-ordinary sandwiches you can construct and consume at home! Continue reading