From String Bean to Dad Bod: A Man’s Guide to Finding the Best Swimwear

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We’re a few weeks away from Memorial Day weekend: the official start of sweet, sweet summertime! Whether you’re planning to float¬†down a river for six hours or impress the ladies by performing cannonball dives at your local watering hole, it’s crucial that you’re rocking the right swimwear. Check out this guide to finding the perfect pair for your physique!


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A Man’s Musk: What’s Your Man-Scent?



Men, I need y’all to listen. Axe Body Spray is NOT a cologne and you’re not 15, so STOP dowsing your shirts with it! It’s time to upgrade to a fragrance with a linger that’s complimentary to the type of guy you are. From a man’s man to an ultimate hipster, and everything in between, check out this handy-dandy guide to finding your perfect scent!

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Partner, Let Me Upgrade You: 5 Essentials of a Man’s Wardrobe


For some men (not me) it’s very hard for them to keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends and are clueless on how to architect an outfit. Well men, it’s time to start wearing the clothes and stop letting the clothes wear you! Rid yourself of wardrobe anxiety with these 5 essentials that will serve as the building blocks to a functioning versatile closet. Continue reading