The Beauty of Answering God’s Call to Step out of My Comfort Zone

To know me is to know that having brunch on a rooftop patio in Uptown Dallas is about as outdoorsy as I get. However, the Lord has a great sense of humor and loves calling me into areas where He knows are out of my comfort zone. In fact, God got a good laugh about a month ago when He called me to go to Frontier Ranch in Buena Vista, Colorado, for Young Life camp for a week! Minus me being sick for two days, I was filled with so much joy after trusting God to guide me through a week in a place that was unfamiliar. Here’s what can happen when we allow ourselves to experience the beauty of answering God’s call to take a walk outside of our comfort zones.


We are given a gift.

Have you ever lied on your back and looked up at the stars shining through the Colorado night sky? How about watching the clouds move as they graze the peaks of the snow-capped Colorado mountains? When we step out of our comfort zone and into places bigger than us, places that are difficult, hard, painful and that even hurt, this is a precious gift from God! It’s a gift of intimately knowing God in ways that would never be possible in our comfort zones. We open ourselves up to connect with the Creator in His creation!

We enter into Christ’s zone.

Young Life camp offers many opportunities for high school students to be transparent about various struggles in their lives in front of strangers and peers for what may be the first time. It’s only in these uncomfortable places that we can experience the tenderness of a Savior. It was blessing to see the love and compassion that was expressed from one kid to another when each one shared personal struggles and opened up about their past. We feel comfort from the Comforter when we lay our pride down and allow ourselves to be vulnerable before the Father.

We’re in step with the Holy Spirit. 

Although I’m not outdoorsy, I am kind of addicted to thrill and the feeling of being scared. Roller coasters, scary movies, I’m all about it. At camp I stepped it up a notched and did two things I had never done before – climbed up a mountain and repelled down a 130 foot cliff. In these situations, although I’m excited, fear is still in my heart and all I have is my faith in God to push me through to conquer my fears. The greatest feeling in the world is to let go of our earthly security and comfort so that we can unwrap the intimacy of the Savior and His Heavenly comfort.

“Faith gets out of the boat. Walking in the Spirit means stepping out to walk the waves and feeling the comfort of His grip.”

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