From a Drop Fade to a Gentleman’s Cut: 4 Reasons Why Every Man Needs a Dedicated Barber


“You wear your haircut 24/7…It’s the most important part of your outfit,” says notable London barber Brent Pankurst. Men, I know it’s scary but it’s time for you to commit. It’s time to experience the goodness of having a dedicated caretaker of your hair. The days of popping into a any ole random Sport Clips or Supercuts because you have a coupon is over. Your girlfriend and friends are tired of lying to your face to make you feel better about the AWFUL haircut you just got. Here are four reasons why you need to find a barber you love and stick with them forever.

1. A dedicated barber knows your head. Men who go to unisex salons or even a different barbershop every couple of weeks are often forced to have a different person in their head every time. They have to sit there and recite their “haircut monologue” over and over again to make sure the stylist understands what they mean by a bald taper fade against the grain and squared off in the back. I, on the other hand, really value being able to get in the chair and have my barber, “Black” (I don’t even know his real name as no one in barbershops go by their real name), start clipping away because he knows what I want. He know how my hair grows and what works for me. Now, if you’re not trying to maintain a consistent image, then forget everything I just said. But if you are, then you most certainly want to seek out a regular barber to help you maintain your signature look.

2. You can get a haircut, a counseling session and have debate at the same time. Let’s be honest…you go for a haircut but you keep coming back for the conversations. Barbers and customers all chime in on who they think is the greatest basketball player of all-time, why homeboy needs to dump his girlfriend and Bill Clinton really was the first black president! Barbershop customers range from mail men, C-level executives,  to local congressmen and news reporters, so you can bet there’s a healthy diverse collection of talks about politics, cars, sports, current events and family. A bi-weekly or monthly dose of “cutting up” (see what I did there?) with fellow men is what  makes being a part of a neighborhood barbershop that more special.

3. It’s a place where everybody knows your name…well, kinda.  Someway, somehow, my barbershop name became “Ralph Lauren.” I’m not quite sure how it exactly came about but when I walk through the door that’s how my barber greets me. Having a barbershop nickname means you’re not just a random walk-in customer, but that you’re a regular. It signifies that you are a frequent visitor to the establishment who contributes to the culture of the barbershop.  The awesome feeling of inclusion makes you less of a customer and more like a member of an exclusive brotherhood…and we all know as men we love anything that’ll boost our ego!

4. You’ll come out with a burst of the best manly confidence. It’s hard to explain but there’s just something about a fresh cut, a clean edge-up, pointed sideburns  and the smell of hair tonics on the head that makes a man feel unstoppable. When you take that first step out of the shop after getting a fresh cut and throw on them sunglasses, you’ll have a little bit more swagger in your stride.  The pressure and anxiety of a job interview, first date, college graduation, first day on a new job, wedding or any upcoming event that may have prompted the haircut suddenly, if even just for a moment, neutralizes because you’re lookin’, feelin’ like a million bucks!


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