Turn Down for What? 3 Ways to Turn Up in Dallas for Free

Turning up in Dallas doesn’t have to cost you a dime. This city is immersed with outdoor adventures sure to cure the highest level of boredom. Next time you have an itch to frolic around the Big D, consider these fun options that will save you money.

Play at the Park

Klyde Warren Park

Photo by Jerry McClure

Y’all do know that there’s a 5.2-acre park floating on top of Woodall Rodgers Freeway, right? From yoga classes to Dallas skyline tours, end-of-the-month concerts to salsa dance classes, Klyde Warren Park is a mall of free outdoor entertainment options. This “urban oasis” covered with 37 native plant species and 322 trees is the perfect venue to kick around the soccer ball, lie down on a blanket to read a New York Time’s best-seller, or sit under the stars with the Dallas skyline as your backdrop, while watching a Sunday evening film screening. If you get hungry and happen to have a few dollars in your pocket, Klyde Warren is outlined with an eclectic buffet of food trucks. Continue reading

I Saw God, Today: His Omnipresence Magnified at the Beach

I’ve always been drawn to large bodies of water. Resting my butt in the sand as I overlook the Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic Ocean injects my soul with an overwhelming sense of peace that I don’t feel anywhere else. The beach is my serenity, my saving grace…my happy place. There’s no doubt that I feel closest to God and His creation than when I’m walking along the white sands looking out into what looks like an endless flow of “blue planet.”

Vanderbilt BeachGiven that I’ve never taken a cold-weather vacation (anything under 60 degrees is just uncomfortable to me, haha!), been to South Beach, Miami, FL, four times in the past four years, and went to South Padre Island for three college spring break trips, it wasn’t until last week’s four-day mini-vacation in Naples, FL, that I really stopped to take in the magnitude of God’s omnipotence; His omnipresence that’s so overtly evident and on display. Continue reading

Partner, Let Me Upgrade You: 5 Essentials of a Man’s Wardrobe


For some men (not me) it’s very hard for them to keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends and are clueless on how to architect an outfit. Well men, it’s time to start wearing the clothes and stop letting the clothes wear you! Rid yourself of wardrobe anxiety with these 5 essentials that will serve as the building blocks to a functioning versatile closet. Continue reading



Spent a Saturday afternoon on a ranch….yes, a real life horse-trottin’, cow-grazin’, death-by-allergies ranch. Probably the last place a city boy like me would ever wanna be, but it was good for the soul to break out of my comfort zone & spend time with the coolest Young Life kids around!

Continue reading

Step-by-Step, Day-by-Day: 3 Ways New Runners Can Start Off On The Right Foot

runner image

To know me is to know I’m not a natural-born long distance runner. I mean, I ran the 200m in 8th grade, but my bo-legged, flat-footed self forced me to end my track career early in life. However, as of late, I’ve decided to fight through my handicaps and take on jogging as a new fitness regimen. Here are three tips I’ve found to help me in my pursuit to become as Bryan Clay and Ashton Eaton (Google them) as possible. Continue reading