From String Bean to Dad Bod: A Man’s Guide to Finding the Best Swimwear

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We’re a few weeks away from Memorial Day weekend: the official start of sweet, sweet summertime! Whether you’re planning to float down a river for six hours or impress the ladies by performing cannonball dives at your local watering hole, it’s crucial that you’re rocking the right swimwear. Check out this guide to finding the perfect pair for your physique!


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Hit ‘Em With the Flex: Five Dallas Fitness Events You Should Do in April

Spring is the perfect time to start getting summertime fine! Accelerate the transition into your beach body by integrating these five fitness events in between your workouts this month!

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Summer, Summer, Summertime: 4 Best Pools to Take a Dip in Dallas


It’s summertime in the Big D! Time to show off those washboard abs that you sacrificed carbs for and ran laps-on laps-on laps around White Rock Lake for months in order to obtain. While Dallas has become home to many public party pools, the spots that aren’t flooded with 30 Thousand Dollar Millionaires are a little harder to find. Never fear, #deliveredbydev has yet again done the hard work for you, and narrowed down the top spots where you can enjoy fun in the sun with the least amount of douche-ness blocking your rays. Continue reading