From String Bean to Dad Bod: A Man’s Guide to Finding the Best Swimwear

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We’re a few weeks away from Memorial Day weekend: the official start of sweet, sweet summertime! Whether you’re planning to float down a river for six hours or impress the ladies by performing cannonball dives at your local watering hole, it’s crucial that you’re rocking the right swimwear. Check out this guide to finding the perfect pair for your physique!


Tall Dudes

9" board short: - $70

9″ board short: – $70

Rule of thumb: try swim shorts that hit right above the knee to give your body some proportion and keep your legs from looking too long. Keep in mind that longer doesn’t mean baggier; look for a slim-fit swimsuit for a mature, lean look.








Short Bros

The Head Honchos

The Head Honchos: – $59.50

Rule of thumb: grab a pair that hits around the mid-thigh area to give you the illusion of added height by making your legs look longer. Anything longer in length will make you look like a kid wearing his dad’s trunks. Not to mention, this length gives you the chance to show off the results from all those leg day workouts! 🙂




Big Boys

Solid dark drawstring short: - $12.95

Solid dark drawstring short: – $12.95

Rule of thumb: opt for something solid and on the darker side of the color spectrum. This will streamline your silhouette and help you conceal any bulges you would prefer go unnoticed. Don’t be afraid to show a little leg too!

Slim Guys

Amalfi board short 7": - $150

Amalfi board short 7″: – $150

Rule of thumb: the possibilities are just about endless so why not be bold and choose an attention-grabbing abstract or floral print. Ladies will compliment your creativity and sense of cool!










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