Leave Home for What? Two Delivery Services Perfect for Dallas Snow Days!

LISTEN! Us Dallasites aren’t built for this Icemaggedon one day and Snowpocalypse the next! While we’re all hunkered down binge watching Friends and House of Cards on Netflix, not even the need for nourishment or deodorant could make us leave our homes. Luckily, we have courier services to get us our necessities without having to endure the elements. Check out these delivery services that are perfect for days like today!

Favor Dallas

Last night while watching The Voice and warming my insides with glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon, I was in no mood to cook! I remembered I received a flyer for a coupon for a new delivery service called Favor. This ones different because not only will they pick up a Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks, but their “Runners” will also get your groceries from Trader Joes! From the looks of the app, you can order pretty much anything and they’ll deliver it directly to your door!



Last week I was in the lobby of my office building talking to the receptionist when two women walked in – one holding a coffee and the other holding a fast food bag, Apparently, another new  delivery service called Postmates has come to town! Much like Favor, Postmates will pick you up a burger from Hopdoddy and a new iPad from the Apple store. Postmates comes in handy on those weekend late nights where you can have your Whataburger meet you at home!

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