10 Gadgets Featured at CES That We All Need in Our Lives

Techie types and gadget geeks from all over the world have assembled in Las Vegas this week for the annual Consumer Electronics Show! CES serves as a global stage for the next generation of innovators to showcase their breakthrough technologies to the marketplace. While there are many tech products yet to be featured, (20,000 in total) here are 10 awesome tech devices that are creating a lot of buzz!



Open your wall art to be seen AND heard with Soundwall‘s connected canvasses! This Bolder, Colorado-based company is the first in the world to integrate original and limited edition, traditional, non-digital artwork with streaming, stereo-quality sound. The costs for these innovative pieces of art start around $3,500.






The chore of loosening your belt buckle after a big deal is taken away with this motorized smart belt that automatically adjusts itself throughout the day, depending on how much you’ve eaten and how much exercise you’ve done to compensate. Belty also serves as a fitness system that keeps track of your overall health, and nudges you when you’ve been sitting for too long. Utilizing its embedded small sensors, accelerator and gyroscope, Belty knows just how much you’ve been moving and whether you need to be more active. Price is still unknown but given that it’s labeled as a “luxury item,” we can bet it’ll cost a pretty hefty penny.


Channel your inner Harry Potter with this new product simply named Ring. Living up to its slogan, “One Gesture, One Magic.,” users are given the power to operate household decor and appliances like curtains, TVs and lights, by waving their finger in the air through infrared. This up-and-coming household necessity is reported to cost around $130 and will be on sale starting in March.


Have your drinks and your music too with this speaker named Kube that has a built-in 8¼-gallon interior space for you to store your cold brews. This modern-day cooler is made of aluminum and a coated polymer, anchored with three Polk Audio marine-certified speakers made for 20 hours of consistent playback. The Austin, TX-made ice chest/sound system allows you to pump up the jams to 110 dB with minimal distortion from up to 50 feet away via Bluetooth, while cooling your libations in the meantime. For a whopping $1,100, you can be the king or queen of the pool!

Misfit Swarovski Shine

misfit shine
Misfit has partnered with Swarovski to make fitness fashionable! The Misfit Swarovski Shine comes in two versions–a clear or violet crystal, but it’s the violet one you want because it’s solar-powered. According to Misfit, the solar-powered Shine uses a blue crystal because it’s the best color for collecting light energy effectively. This blinged-out Shine does many of the same operations as many other fitness bands: step tracking, automatic sleep tracking and general fitness activity via accelerometer. They’ll even be waterproof to 50 meters, and tell time via a glowing ring of LEDs. The cost to rock this fitness band is set to range from $170 to $250.


Wouldn’t it be nice to come home after a stressful day at work and put on a headpiece that will instantly take you to a relaxing state? Well you can thank myBrain Technologies for creating Melomind. This smart headgear device is equipped with multiple contact points to help measure the wearer’s brain electrical activity, and from there the data will be relayed to an accompanying app that will then play music to help match their mental state. myBrain’s sound designers and have specially composed music designed to allow the wearer to feel relaxed while listening to it. By the end of 2015, you’ll be able to purchase this device for around $299.

The Axxess CE Air2

Axxess CE Air2
Check out these compact speakers that double as a showpiece! The Axxess CE Air2 is a Bluetooth speaker that levitates over its base, or you can attach to your fridge if you’d prefer to have it off the base. With five hours of battery life and 10 meters of transmission distance, these speakers were an early attention-grabber at this year’s CES. The company hasn’t released a price point.


Scout 5000

Scout 5000
You can now see what your pet is up to when you’re not around in real time with the Scout 5000! This sizeable collar-mounted device incorporates a GPS tracker, Wi-Fi connectivity and a wide-angle camera capable of taking 720p video to show you a live video stream, and even let you talk to your favorite fur baby. You can also speak back to your pup via the collar, issuing commands or offering a soothing voice for agitated pets. Starting in June, you can pick up this device in the U.S. for $200.


Bluetooth is opening up many doors for innovation and now our shoes and feet can reap the benefits! Glagla has created the Digitsole, the world’s first connected heating and interactive insole. The Digitsole doubles as a half activity tracker and half foot warmer. Once you complete the setup of providing the accompanying Android or iOS app with information about your age, height, sex and weight, the insole is capable of tracking your steps, distance and calories burned and determining your altitude. Just in time for winter, the Digitsole also includes a built-in thermostat and can warm your feet. You can pick up this smart insole now for $200.


You definitely want to be the first on the scene with these completely wire-free earbuds called HearNotes! The way it works is the left and right components of these earbuds are completely separate wireless entities that pair to a transmitter you plug into your smartphone or media player’s headphone jack. Contrary to other savvy earbuds, the black and neon-green HearNotes don’t rely on Bluetooth but rather Kleer technology to get their sound across. Only downfall is that they don’t offer as much battery life as Bluetooth earbuds with four hours of playtime, while most Bluetooth headphones will give you between 12 and 20 hours. The HearNotes will be available for ordering this Spring for $349.


CES ends tomorrow but there’s so much left to be unveiled! Be sure  to follow CES 2015 Trade Show Coverage to get the most up-to-date buzz from the showcase!

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