Bring Your Own Bag: Dallas Stores Now Charging for Single-Use Bags


If you went to Kroger, Target or any other store in Dallas yesterday, then you know that the city’s’ first order of business for the new year was the start of the Carryout Bag Ordinance which requires Dallas customers to pay five-cent per single-use bag, paper or plastic. As an effort to help keep Dallas “clean and eco-friendly.” they’ve initiated this ordinance to encourage city residents to use reusable bags to carry groceries, to-go boxes from restaurants and other goods bought at stores. City officials seem pretty serious about this initiative as they’ve spent $4 million dollars (the majority of which I’m sure is OUR tax dollars)  “to remove litter from our community to keep it beautiful and thriving.” Meanwhile, kids in South Dallas are sharing out-of-date textbooks and have no computers in their classroomsbut that’s another story.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 9.06.56 AM

Good thing is that many Dallas retailers like Best Buy, Home Goods and Target produced their own line of reusable bags for customers to purchase in-store for  around 39-cents. Target even makes it more worth your while by paying you five-cent for each reusable bag you bring in to use!

Dallas officials are being realistic and knows we won’t take this seriously or catch on to this being a real thing for a while, so they’ve “promised” to not “aggressively enforce the new law or fine violators until everyone has a chance to become familiar with the requirements.”

If you’re of the fancy persuasion, check out, and of course to purchase some stylish reusable bags.

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