The Cosby Show Turns 30: A Look Back at Everyone’s Favorite Moments


Two days ago marked 30 years since the world was introduced to Cliff,  Claire, Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa and Rudy Huxtable–the immediate family who made up one of the best family sitcoms of all time, The Cosby Show. From 1984-1992, we were drawn into stories of what it looked like to be a child in an upper middle-class African-American family living in Brooklyn, New York. Thanks to syndication, The Cosbys are a household name spanning over generations who weren’t even born during the show’s original eight season run. Here’s a look back at some of The Cosby Show’s most notable scenes!

1.  ‘Night Time is the Right Time’

Probably one of the memorable scenes of all is when the Huxtable clan came together to perform a lip-syncing and dancing number to Ray Charles’ classic song “Night Time is the Right Time,” in celebration of Cliff’s parent’s anniversary. Keshia Knight Pullium (Rudy) was never more adorable!

2.  ‘Hey Mon’

All Cliff wanted to do was read the paper in piece and quiet after a long shift at the hospital. Oh, but Denise and her reggae-loving date had other plans! Haha!

3.  Jammin’ with Stevie.

That time when the Huxtable children, Cliff and the flawless Claire were all used as samples and then compiled as an awesome melody by superstar Stevie Wonder!

4.  Theo Logic.

In the pilot episode of The Cosby Show, Cliff confronts Theo about his bad grades. Cliff demolishes Theo’s rationalization for how he plans to get by in life without college and sums it up with the classic line, “I am your father. I brought you in this world and I’ll take you out!”

5.  Vanessa and The Wretched–BIG FUN!

Vanessa thought she was grown so she snuck off to Baltimore to see The Wretched in concert with her friends. Claire’s wasn’t about to have that! I love Rudy on the stairs being MESSY!

6.  Elvin, the Sexist.

Because he was my most HATED character of all-time on the show, I LOVED this episode when Claire LEANS into him with an award-winning tongue-lashing!

7.  That time Theo got an earring, y’all.

Theo tried it by thinking he was grown and getting his ear pierced…we all know how that turned out!

8.  Old School vs. New School

I love this episode when the older folks showed the new kids on the block how to REALLY get down with the “jitterbug!”

9.  Bucking Horse! 

Every child wanted to be bounced on their father’s knee after this episode! Poor Peter gave the “bucking horse” a run for its money! Haha!

10. Olivia was EVERYTHING.

Rudy being the favorite was most definitely taken away when the ADORABLE Olivia, played by Raven Simone, joined as Denise’s stepdaughter!

What’s your favorite Cosby Show episode?! 

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