7 Travel Apps to Never Leave Home Without


Research, plan, book, prioritize, check-in, reserve–our smartphones do it all as our most trusted and most reliable companions when traveling. Check out these seven travel app must-haves for your iPhone or Android.

Planning & Booking–Kayakkayak

Once you set your mind on where you want to venture off too, start planning with Kayak.com. You can search for, compare, coordinate and book flights, hotels and car rentals, all from this handy-dandy mobile application. Kayak also provides ratings and reviews that real-life travelers leave on TripAdvisor. Once all the initial planning is finalized, Kayak is then good for hosting your itinerary while traveling to keep organized with confirmation numbers and find out about last minute changes.

Organization–Packing Pro


Don’t you hate the feeling of getting to the airport and thinking you forgot something? Packing Pro helps take away this anxiety  by allowing users to create packing lists and check items off as they’re packed. Traveling to a new destination and unsure on what to bring? Never fear, Packing Pro has sample packing lists or templates built for a variety of common trip types. Lists from previous trips can be saved for future reference should you want to equip yourself in a similar fashion. So, whether you’r headed to the Rocky Mountains or to the Mediterranean, Packing Pro will make sure you’re prepared!

Internet– Free Wi-Fi Finder


I don’t know about y’all but as a modern-day traveler, I feel lost and helpless without Internet access. That’s why I swear by Free Wi-Fi Finder by JiWire because it shows where you can find free wireless connections in the city. Search with a directory or simply enable the Wi-Fi scanner to locate the nearest hot spots and you’ll be connected everywhere you go!

Good Eats–Foodspottingfoodspottingredesign2

My favorite thing to do when vacationing is to eat my way through the city! As I’m in search of the best restaurants my vacation spot has to offer, Fooodspotting allows me to browse the app’s selections alphabetically, by category, rank and even neighborhood location, and I can also search for nearby restaurants on the list based on your current GPS location. One of the best features of  Foodspotting is its ability to let you search by dish: So, if you’re looking for the best deep-dish pizza in Chicago, you can find local users’ recommendations on the best restaurants to try it.

Getting Around–Uber/UberX


If you’re still haven’t hopped on the Uber train then you’re getting way behind the times, my friend. Where I’m in my city or somewhere else in the world, Uber is my go-to app for getting around the town. Last April, Uber hit 100 cities with the launch of Beijing last month, so you can more than likely utilize it wherever you travel. The way it works is a small photo with the driver’s name and phone number pops up on the app, while a car icon on the map shows you in real time where the car is located. The app estimates the arrival time and sends a text saying your driver is on the way. No cash? Not a problem as Uber bills straight to your credit card at the end of the ride!

Currency–XE CurrencyXE-Currency-app

I don’t know about y’all but I’m awful at math! Instead of doing currency conversions in my head, I default to the  Ex.com app which calculates and makes conversions instantly using up to 180+ worldwide currencies. The app also sends free e-mail updates with currency rates to keep you in-the-know on currency changes.

Things to Do–TripAdvisor Offline City Guidestripadvisor-android-app

Probably my favorite one of all is the TripAdvisor Offline City Guide! it gives me my maps accompanied with suggestions on where to eat, drink, shop and get entertainment. While connected to wi-fi, download the maps for your cities of choice and you’ll have them wherever you venture!

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