In Texas, Every Season is Wedding Season: 5 Wedding Guest Rules for Survival


Last year, 10 weddings, this year, six weddings. Love is definitely in the Texas air. While I enjoy celebrating the nuptials of friends, shaking my groove-thang on the dance floor and sampling spirits from the open bar, for some, the collage of wedding invitations covering their refrigerator door can be rather overwhelming. If that’s you, follow these easy-to-follow rules to get you through the craziest of wedding seasons.

Rule #1 – No Children Allowed.
Do you and your husband/wife/baby daddy/baby mama a favor and leave the kids with the babysitter so y’all can enjoy an ADULT evening out. I know, I know, little Maddox just looks so cute in his little tux and Addie is totes adorable in her puffy dress; save it for church and treat yourself to a child-free night!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetRule #2-  Say, “The gift is in the mail.”
I’m sure it goes without saying that you should ALWAYS use the couple’s gift registry when searching for a wedding present but just in case, ALWAYS USE THE COUPLE’S GIFT REGISTRY WHEN SEARCHING FOR A WEDDING PRESENT. In addition to that, mail it to the couple’s new home instead of bringing it to the wedding. That way you don’t have to fuss with wrapping it and lugging it to the ceremony and then to the reception.


Rule #3 – Book.Your.Travel.EARLY.
Engaged couples put a lot of time and effort in choosing the right picture(s), the perfect font and colors for the save-the-dates; PAY ATTENTION TO THEM. If you want the cheapest flight possible and most importantly, a room at the same hotel as the wedding party so you can after party with the cool kids, take note of the wedding date and make your travel arrangements well in advance.

Rule #4 – In the battle of dressy vs. casual, dressy always wins.
Day or night, indoor or outdoor, it’s always best to err on the side of dressy. Being that it’s Falll,  ladies should show off their sophisticated style with a solid silk dress in a rich, autumnal color. Gents, dress up a slim-fitting suit with fashion-forward finishes and take advantage of not being in the wedding party by getting adventurous. Bring out your boldest bow tie, pack a pocket square with an unexpected print or sport cuff links that will start a conversation.


Rule #5 – It’s Okay to Decline.
We get it. Life happens. You have to work, money is tight right now, kids are sick, things happen. However, it’s never okay to just simply not show up without any prior notice. Whether it’s sending back the RSVP with the “Respectfully Decline” box checked or calling the couple and letting them know you won’t be able to attend after all, make sure you communicate because more than likely they’re paying by the head.





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