WKND RWND: Chicago Edition!


Last weekend in Chicago I…

Arrived Thursday night after a 3-hour flight delay; Started things off with a late-night exploration through Navy Pier. It was closed but I still got to walk around and see many of its attractions….

Woke up Friday morning and went for a 3-mile run down Chicago Ave, taking in all of the amazing architecture and sights of the city…

Ate my FIRST Chicago deep dish pizza! Seriously, I don’t want to ever eat Papa John’s, Domino’s or any other commercial pizza ever again because they just don’t compare! Next time you’re in Chicago, stop into Lou Malnati’s and order The Malnati Chicago Classic! #todiefor #nomnomnom #Icanstilltasteit 

Strolled through the very scenic Northwestern University where my friend’s wife attends med school! NU is adorned with breathtaking architecture, an abundance of manicured foliage and LAKE MICHIGAN as its backyard! #stunning….

Stopped in downtown Evanston at a new and eclectic pie shop called Hoosier Mama (get it?!), and enjoyed a delectable slice of their homemade Hoosier Sugar Cream Pie! I swear they had somebody’s Mee-maw in the kitchen whipping up pies like it’s nothing!…

Rode the L-train downtown and my first stop once we arrived was at the world famous Garrett’s Popcorn Shop! To know me is to know that popcorn is my FAVORITE snack, and this spot surely catered to my popcorn obsession with two words: Smoky. Cheesecorn. #salivating

Stood in line for an hour-and-a-half (good thing I had my Garrett’s popcorn) to go up 103 floors in the iconic Willis Tower (formerly Sears tower), and overlook the ENTIRE CITY OF CHICAGO on its all glass skydeck that hangs out from the building! Talk about a rush! To look down on the city was an one-of-a-kind experience! #tallestbuildingintheUS

Checked another item off my bucket list with the consumption of TWO amazingly delicious and authentic Chicago dogs at Luke’s Italian Beef! #scrumptious

Headed down to Millennium Park to soak up more of Chicago culture; the sculptures, the waterfalls, and of course, THE BEAN (aka “Cloud Gate”)–probably one of my favorite things about Chicago is its abundance of amazing architecture and incredible outdoor art!

Strolled down “The Magnificent Mile”, which is basically the Park Avenue of Chicago. My heart definitely skipped a beat when I walked up to the THREE-STORY H&M! #onlyGodcanjudgeme…

Went out in the Old Town district of Chicago with my buddy Hunter, whom I was visiting, and his local homies; we sat on the patio of Up Down Cigar to puff stogies and engage in very riveting philosophical conversations about aliens and why bottled water will kill you…

Experienced a bit of baseball history with a trip to Wrigleyville! I HAD to get a photo-op in front of the historic Wrigley Field marquee! As an extra treat, I enjoyed lunch at Rockit Burger Bar in Wrigleyville with my old friend from high school, Carol, who now lives in Chicago! We had so much talking about the old days and sharing where our next adventures will lead us!…

Rounded out the trip before heading to the airport with a bike ride down to Fargo Beach where I walked along the shore of Lake Michigan and soaked in the final moments of what had been such an amazing trip…. ‘Twas an incredible mini vacation and I can’t wait to be back!

Check out my Chicago Gallery to see more of my trip!

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